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05.09.2008 | News

Mega 3Plus from SAXAS

The New Volume Dimensions for Platform Semi-Trailers

SAXAS has re-defined the term “Mega” for semi-trailers: The Saxon body and trailer manufacturer is presenting a Jumbo platform semi-trailer with the Mega 3Plus, which offers up to 3,100 mm clear loading height for standard loading areas. The vehicle will be presented to the trade at the IAA 2008, Hanover – Hall 27 Stand C19.

The Mega 3Plus is one of the first platform semi-trailers of its kind to offer a clear interior height of up to 3,100 mm with a continuous loading area. The vehicle design was realised using an extremely low frame neck above the fifth wheel. The know-how of the Werdau vehicle manufacturer is in this only 40-millimetre high component. In spite of the low installation height, the frame neck has such high stability that the semi-trailer can even be uncoupled from the tractor when loaded. The advantage of this construction: the loading area remains accessible despite the large internal height and, thus, can be loaded or unloaded easily.

The semi-trailer rolls on an air-sprung three-axle unit, which has a bearing load of 3 x 6 tonnes. The disc-braked axles are fitted with twin tyres of size 205/65 R 17.5 and equipped with an EBS braking system. This enables the Mega 3Plus to achieve a loading area height above the axle unit of just 890 millimetres when loaded. The loading area height above the air suspension unit can be used if needed. This gives an overall lift of 215 millimetres.

The usable loading area length is 13,620 millimetres with a loading area width of 2,480 millimetres in the interior. For loading and unloading, the sliding roof can be lifted by 400 millimetres without steps on one side and, if needed, also on both sides. Mechanical lifting devices are integrated in the corners, which facilitate simple manual lifting and lowering with a gas-spring support. This means the roof spars are so stable that the raised roof requires no support in the centre.

The Mega 3Plus is a special vehicle that has been developed for vehicle logistics. Drivers’ cabins for a truck manufacturer are transported with the semi-trailer. In addition to the extremely large loading dimensions that the large cabins require, a cargo-friendly drive was also needed to protect the ready-painted cabins. The Mega 3Plus fulfils these requirements perfectly. Thus, it is a capable and reliable link in the challenging logistics flow of the vehicle industry.

Picture 1   Loading scene with drivers' cabins
Picture 2   Semi-trailer

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You are currently here: News | News
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