SAXAS Nutzfahrzeuge Werdau GmbH – Introduction & history  

Competence based in tradition – Commercial vehicles from Werdau

The Saxon town of Werdau has been a location for vehicle manufacturing since 1898. Although the history of the place is marked by change, one thing has remained to the present day: the claim to be among the best. Since its founding, SAXAS has established itself as one of the most important manufacturer of distribution vehicles in Europe.

Before the time of SAXAS Nutzfahrzeuge GmbH, the traditional production location Werdau had already played host to some companies that were well known throughout Europe, including:
  • Saxon wagon factory, Werdau (1898–1917)
  • Hermann Schumann AG, Werdau (commercial vehicles – 1917–1928)
  • Linke-Hofmann-Busch-Werke AG, Werdau plant (1928–1932)
  • Fahrzeugbau Schumann GmbH, Werdau (1932–1943)
  • Schumann plants (1943–1945)
  • Wagon factory Schumann plants (1945–1948)
  • VEB LOWA wagon construction, Werdau (locomotive and wagon construction – 1948–1952)
  • VEB “Ernst Grube” motor vehicle plant, Werdau (1952–1990)
  • Kögel Fahrzeugwerke AG / Kögel Werdau GmbH & Co. vehicle plant (1990–2004)

Over the past 120 years, wagons, freight wagons and passenger wagons, engine parts for aircraft, buses, trailer coaches, trolleybuses, trams and trucks as well as trailers, semi-trailers and bodies for these vehicles have been manufactured here. In the recent past, the Werdau site has seen specialisation in the direction of truck bodies and trailers, particularly in the area of ​​distribution traffic.

SAXAS Nutzfahrzeuge Werdau GmbH

In 2004, four former employees decided to continue the activities of the former KÖGEL Werdau GmbH and to take ownership of the company’s future. This required a huge amount of diligence and enthusiasm. Establishing a new name in a firmly distributed market was the challenge that had to be overcome.
On 1 July 2004, SAXAS Nutzfahrzeuge Werdau AG set off for a successful future with motivated employees and a high-performance product line.
The gate at the SAXAS plant-aufbauten-anhaenger-verteilerverkehr-nutzfahrzeuge-saxas
On 1 July 2004, SAXAS Nutzfahrzeuge Werdau AG set off for a successful future with motivated employees and a high-performance product line.

Since then, SAXAS has been manufacturing a wide variety of bodies on trucks of all weight classes and makes – including platform bodies, dry-cargo bodies, refrigerated-service and freezer bodies as well as similar trailers, semi-trailers and swap containers. Possibly one of the best-known items produced in Werdau is the package distribution body, of which Deutsche Post has ordered more than 25,000 to date. Whether they are being used in the freight-forwarding industry or for rental laundry services, package services or furniture transportation, SAXAS products are now a daily sight on our roads.

New developments are driving the growth of the company. For example, SAXAS has been able to establish successful products for gardening and landscaping in recent years with its own low bed and tipping trailers. High payloads are playing an increasingly important role in distribution traffic, motivating us to develop our lightweight and ultra-lightweight bodies. The company is always in motion in this regard, and existing production technologies are constantly being extended.

Today, SAXAS Nutzfahrzeuge Werdau GmbH is a series manufacturer with a standardised product range primarily consisting of dry-cargo, platform and curtainsider bodies for trucks and transporters as well as the corresponding trailers. This is supplemented by an extensive range of swap systems, vehicle extensions, promotional superstructures and construction trailers. The SAXAS Group product range also includes patented special-purpose bodies for off-road and government vehicles as well as complete solutions for mobile medicine.