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Introduction to the SAXAS Group 

The SAXAS Group

The SAXAS Group is one of Europe's most important manufacturers of bodies and trailers for distribution traffic. Component manufacturer FZL produces components in cooperation with SAXAS Nutzfahrzeuge GmbH in the Saxon town of Werdau, a location with a rich tradition of manufacturing. With the takeover of the surface-coating division, further valuable expertise has been integrated into the SAXAS Group.

Short pathways lead to first-class products

SAXAS product quality is the joint result of a high-performance group. Each member is focused on reliable processes and thus on top quality: FZL manufactures individual parts and assemblies directly at the vehicle plant on high-precision processing systems; these parts and assemblies are then sealed with a permanent surface protection in the surface-coating area. These components are part of SAXAS bodies and trailers, turning bare truck chassis into complete commercial vehicles that are ready for use.

The high level of vertical integration makes it possible for us to control and influence the quality of the intermediate product at all points in the production chain. One process interacts with the others in order to achieve the best possible product for the customer.

For information about our parts production, please also visit the FZL GmbH websites for the two operating sections:

FZL parts manufacturing-aufbauten-anhaenger-verteilerverkehr-nutzfahrzeuge-saxasFZL parts manufacturing

FZL surface coating-aufbauten-anhaenger-verteilerverkehr-nutzfahrzeuge-saxasFZL surface coating