Box bodies for motor vehicles  

SAXAS manufactures bodies ranging from ultralight MKD-L-U boxes to robust MKD-S standard dry-cargo boxes in various body lengths from 3.52 m to 7.72 m. Detailed information can be found in our product data sheets, where the basic scope for each body type is described.

In addition, we offer a wide variety of special equipment options that can be used to adapt the body according to your transport task. Your SAXAS sales partner will advice you to find the right product and equipment.

The SAXAS standard box

The basic scope of our box bodies includes delivery and assembly of:

  • Basic frame
  • Body (coloured white)
  • Floor made of waterproof glue-laminated plywood panels
  • Roof in the form of a translucent glass-fibre-reinforced plastic (GRP) element
  • Impact protection
  • A lightweight open portal with upper flap
  • Electrical systems and exterior lighting in accordance with the applicable EC directives
  • 1 interior light in the portal area
  • Accessories as required by law

Good reasons for SAXAS dry-cargo bodies


  • Low tare weight with high payload
  • Versatile applications
  • Optimal protection against external influences
  • Protection against penetrating moisture
  • High anti-theft security
  • Smooth side panels for easy cleaning and for use as ideal advertising media
  • Certified load securing
  • Time and cost savings through practical equipment features
  • Body components that have been proven thousands of times over
  • Extensive product line, from 3.5 t to the 26 t weight class
  • Various additional equipment, such as cladding for furniture transport or a side door

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The SAXAS furniture box body


The SAXAS dry-cargo box body with furniture fittings promises a particularly safe and gentle transport. Felt-lined interior panels with incorporated lashing rails provide cargo surfaces with optimal protection against scraping damage. The option of a smooth or roughened floor can support easy loading or prevent slipping during transport.
Furniture fittings are available as additional equipment for nearly all SAXAS box products.

Further additional equipment

The standard box body can be extended with a variety of special-purpose equipment. Check out the equipment gallery to get an overview of the options. Our sales department is always available should you have any queries.
Extension ladder-aufbauten-anhaenger-verteilerverkehr-nutzfahrzeuge-saxas
Side door-aufbauten-anhaenger-verteilerverkehr-nutzfahrzeuge-saxas
Back panel doors-aufbauten-anhaenger-verteilerverkehr-nutzfahrzeuge-saxas
Plastic tool box-aufbauten-anhaenger-verteilerverkehr-nutzfahrzeuge-saxas
Roof spoiler-aufbauten-anhaenger-verteilerverkehr-nutzfahrzeuge-saxas
Impact protection made of solid phenolic-coated plywood-aufbauten-anhaenger-verteilerverkehr-nutzfahrzeuge-saxas
Furniture equipment-aufbauten-anhaenger-verteilerverkehr-nutzfahrzeuge-saxas
Rear view camera-aufbauten-anhaenger-verteilerverkehr-nutzfahrzeuge-saxas