Curtainsider bodies and trailers  

Convenient and universally applicable

SAXAS sliding-tarpaulin bodies (curtainsiders) and trailers are platform bodies specifically designed without side panels and with a solid PVC roof. Designed for maximum payload and a long service life, these vehicles are often used in the distribution of goods and are appreciated for their convenient handling during loading and unloading. The sliding tarpaulin can be opened more quickly than the throw tarpaulin in the usual platform body and is also tighter when closed.

Our product line includes curtainsider bodies for truck chassis in different weight classes, trailers and central-axle trailers for the configuration of complete articulated trains. The additional equipment variants of this series enable an optimal vehicle configuration, adapted to the respective transport tasks.

Curtainsiders for motor vehicles-aufbauten-anhaenger-verteilerverkehr-nutzfahrzeuge-saxasCurtainsiders for motor vehicles
Curtainsider trailers-aufbauten-anhaenger-verteilerverkehr-nutzfahrzeuge-saxasCurtainsider trailers