Distribution vehicles 

The integral-box body – the king of distribution vehicles

Short distances save time and put cash in the deliverer’s pocket. The integral box body allows delivery companies to meet just such conditions in their daily work, namely, delivering and picking up more packages with the same number of stops while maintaining clarity and order in the delivery vehicle.

In contrast to conventional transporters, in an integral-body vehicle, the driver accesses the loading space through the interior sliding door. A sliding door on the side facing away from the traffic flow enables direct exit toward the customer and entry back to the driver’s seat. With the additional exit option through the rear portal, the driver can always choose the shortest route, saving valuable time and making it possible to handle more delivery stops per trip in comparison to conventional transport vehicles.
SAXAS has developed this body design to perfection: To date, more than 25,000 bodies have been delivered to Deutsche Post alone for the distribution of packages and shipments. The advantages of the SAXAS ergonomics concept make the “integral box” an indispensable part of intelligent distribution logistics.
SAXAS offers integral boxes for transport chassis of different wheelbases and weight classes, but only in project deals. If you have any questions or are interested in our integral boxes, simply get in touch with our sales department. We will be happy to provide you with further information!

The “speedstore” shelf system developed by SAXAS offers deep shelves for orderly stowage of all manner of packages. The shelves can be individually folded up to make room for long and tall parcels. There are plenty of load securing devices, so the driver can secure goods quickly and easily. The orderly storage area ensures fast access to packages during delivery, and the central locking system for the driver’s cab and box body offers safety and convenience.

Add-on shelves for vans

SAXAS also offers add-on shelves for vans on a project basis. Equip the interior of your transporter with a folding shelf system, partition walls, various load-securing devices, delivery trolley brackets and much more. For more detailed information about this product range, please get in touch with our sales department.