Platform trailers 

SAXAS offers platform trailers with a maximum permissible weight of 5.5 t to 12 t in central-axle versions or 12 and 18 t in fifth wheel versions in all sizes common in distribution. Detailed information about each trailer type can be found in our product data sheets.

In addition, we offer a wide variety of special equipment options that can be used to adapt the body according to your transport task. Your SAXAS sales partner will advice you to find the right product and equipment.

The SAXAS standard platform trailers

The basic scope of our platform trailers includes delivery and assembly of:

  • Chassis consisting of a lightweight steel frame, including axles and tyres
  • Electronic braking system (EBS) in accordance with EC directives
  • Height-adjustable air suspension 
  • Pulling device depending on trailer type
  • Body with folding side panels (coloured in pure white)
  • PVC tarpaulins (white)
  • Floor made of waterproof glue-laminated plywood panels
  • Solid tarpaulin roof
  • An open portal with upper flap
  • Electrical systems and exterior lighting in accordance with the applicable EC directives
  • Accessories as required by law

Good reasons for SAXAS platform trailers


  • Time and cost savings through practical equipment features
  • Robust construction and high-quality tarpaulin material
  • Body components that have been proven thousands of times over
  • Can be used flexibly for the transport of goods of various dimensions and weights
  • Low tare weight with high payload
  • Certified load securing
  • Tractor-independent loading and unloading processes
  • Visual style to suit your motor vehicle, possible use as an advertising medium
  • Industrial chassis manufacturing for top product quality
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SAXAS platform trailers are manufactured in various versions depending on tonnage class. You can find a few examples here. (See data sheets for details)
Tandem platform trailer in custom colour with loading equipment (11.9 t)-aufbauten-anhaenger-verteilerverkehr-nutzfahrzeuge-saxas
Tandem platform trailer with loading equipment (11.9 t)-aufbauten-anhaenger-verteilerverkehr-nutzfahrzeuge-saxas
Platform trailer in central-axle version (5.5 t)-aufbauten-anhaenger-verteilerverkehr-nutzfahrzeuge-saxas
Platform trailer train-aufbauten-anhaenger-verteilerverkehr-nutzfahrzeuge-saxas

Additional equipment

Our standard platform trailers can be extended with a variety of special-purpose equipment. Check out the equipment gallery to get an overview of some of the options. Our sales department is always available should you have any queries.
Aluminium slats-aufbauten-anhaenger-verteilerverkehr-nutzfahrzeuge-saxas
Folding supports-aufbauten-anhaenger-verteilerverkehr-nutzfahrzeuge-saxas
Anti-theft protection-aufbauten-anhaenger-verteilerverkehr-nutzfahrzeuge-saxas
Fork lift impact protection-aufbauten-anhaenger-verteilerverkehr-nutzfahrzeuge-saxas