Swap box  

SAXAS manufactures dry-cargo swap-body boxes in the common international container sizes C 745 and C 782, enabling the protected transport of your goods in combined or swap-body transport.
Detailed information can be found in our product data sheets.

In addition, we offer a wide variety of special equipment options that can be used to adapt the swap box according to your transport task. Your SAXAS sales partner will advice you to find the right equipment.

The standard swap-body box

The basic scope of our standard swap-body box includes:

  • Special lightweight-steel frame with centring tunnel
  • Locks arranged in accordance with DIN EN 284
  • Fold-down support legs for the parking height of   1,320 mm
  • Body made of plywood, colouring: white
  • Floor made of solid phenolic-coated plywood
  • Rugged rear panel portal including two-leaf rear panel doors, fully pivoted
  • Roof as a translucent GRP element
  • Internal aluminium impact-protection skirting

Good reasons for SAXAS-swap-body boxes


  • Suitable for combined road/rail transport
  • The use of lightweight materials allows for a high payload
  • Optimal protection against moisture and external influences
  • High anti-theft security
  • Excellent options for load securing

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Combined transport has traditionally occupied an important position at SAXAS. Due to many years of experience in this field and the parallel development of chassis-
specific swap-body equipment, we can offer the customer a sophisticated product that ensures effective and economical transport.
You can equip the swap body with various special equipment to adapt it to your transport task, such as with a floor rail or equipment for garment transport. Just ask us directly.
Dry-cargo swap-body box-aufbauten-anhaenger-verteilerverkehr-nutzfahrzeuge-saxas

Additional equipment

The standard swap body box can be extended with a variety of special-purpose equipment. Check out the equipment gallery to get an overview of some of the options. Our sales department is always available should you have any queries.
Front panel impact protection made of solid phenolic-coated plywood-aufbauten-anhaenger-verteilerverkehr-nutzfahrzeuge-saxas
Furniture equipment-aufbauten-anhaenger-verteilerverkehr-nutzfahrzeuge-saxas
Telescopic support feet for parking heights of 1,200/1,320 mm-aufbauten-anhaenger-verteilerverkehr-nutzfahrzeuge-saxas
Roll-up door-aufbauten-anhaenger-verteilerverkehr-nutzfahrzeuge-saxas